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june 2020

Once, Jimmy Wales ( founder of Wikipedia with Larry Sanger ) said ;
Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge. “, and that’s how Wikipedia, based on a free software system, has opened up culture to everybody for free.

Created 20 years ago, Wikipedia has revolutionized the encyclopedia. It is our collective universal library! Nowadays, it owns more than 97% of the encyclopedia online... And yet, this platform is in peril since the donations that finance this project is no longer sufficient and users are gradually losing the desire to contribute. 

Through Wikipedia’s rebranding, the goals are:
- To arouse interest by contributing to users
- Make the platform easier to use and more enjoyable to contribute on
- Giving the feeling of belonging to a group... the Wikipedians ! 

A new font required for Wikipedia’s rebranding ;


In fact, Helvetica Now is known for its great clarity and readabillity, and is a special web font. Also, the neutrality of the design of the letters fits perfectly the values of the platform. Today, Wikipedia has two differents fonts, the Georgia and a Sans Serif. Starting now, the Helvetica will be the only one, which simplifies the use on the new platform coming up.

Introducing the  reorganization of the categories on the website. Each one of them will be assigned a color and will have their own heading page.

One of Wikipedia’s values is opening culture to everyone. For that, the contrast of these colors were chosen according to the “Web Content Accessibility Guidelines” (WCAG) to facilitate the visual perception of visually impaired users.

Wikipedia does not need a stationary branding since its main presence is the website and the events. In return, Wikimedia, the non-profit organization (based in San Francisco and managed by Maria Sefidari), is the foundation which takes care of all the logistics of Wikipedia...

By then, Wikimedia needs its own stationery to communicate.

A brand new website

Discover the new Wikipedia platform with its new reorganization and an easy access to the five heading pages : 
︎ Encyclopedia
︎ News
︎ Events
︎ Community
︎ Discover more

Each element still remains in its original spot, which helps the user to easily find the information they need, especially on the Encyclopedia page. 

A low design.

Wikipedia’s new platform aims for a cleaner and more essential style. We also call it “low design” which makes the access easier for the developing countries. The pages are less heavy and allow for a faster loading time. 

Online shop

The Shop page, which already exists but goes unnoticed is one of the major sources of income for Wikipedia and allows the platform to prosper.

We’ll be honoring contributors with an “I edit Wikipedia, thank me later” collection of t-shirts, mugs and other goodies available to purchase.


Colored in green, the Event page shares all the information created and supported by Wikipedia, such as “Woman in RED”, a conference created by Wikipedia in 2017 which raises awareness on gender inequality.

Painting credit : Inès Longevial


Wikipedia associates itself with museums or events to help the users to have a full experience;

There is a QR code to scan the Wikipedia page of the artist or the artwork! The same principles apply in the streets, on sculptures, fountains or even checkpoints to discover a city.

Wiki, our new assistant (AI)

Users are now able to talk to their new assistant Wiki, to ask questions which can lead them to their desire pages. It’s a simple and efficient tool to manage time and utilisation. 

Photos credits:
DFY, Charles Deluvio, Sahil Moosa